Sangeetha's SEO services

Why you need SEO for your business?

Responsive Website: Search Engine Optimization has the ability to create a responsive website and make it user-friendly. Irrespective of any device operated by customer navigation and functionality will be effective.

On page optimization benefits both the search engine and the users as it will simplify the process of crawling, indexing, ranking and serving to the customers.

Gain Traffic: SEO is the most affordable and effective technique to draw more customers to your business. Once your website rank is positioned well in the search engine you can bypass the competition and gain more customers.

Successful Conversion Rates: SEO optimized websites can load faster and benefits customers to perform conversion rates. They can easily make an order, buy your product and turns out to be your valuable customers.

Builds Brand Awareness: SEO Optimized sites generate interest in your product or services and creates brand awareness among the customers.

On Page Optimization

1.Keyword Research and Analysis.

2.Efficient usage of Meta Tags and Anchor Text

3.URL Canonicalization, Keyword Density and Keyword Proximity done effectively.

4.Proper usage of Do follow and No follow links.

5.Managing Broken links with appropriate redirects for 301,302,403 and 404 error codes.

Off Page Optimization

1.Link Building plays a vital role in Off Page Optimization.

2. Acquiring Back links is not a tedious process but lot of time has to be invested.

3.Back links increase Page Authority,Domain Authority and helps your business to hold high rank in Search Engine Results Page.