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Do you know what is Anchor text and how its helpful in SEO

Lets say Anchor text in a webpage is clicakable text in a hyperlink. If you have seen in webpages there are so many hyperlinks with text and it can direct you to other page.This page can some time be relevant or irrelevant.Well lets not get into the irrelevant stuff here.

So now what are the types of Anchor text? Anchor text can be classified as

  1. Exact Match Anchor text – If it includes a keyword that it directly and exactly maps to the page that is being linked to.Exact anchor text have high SEO value and can increase page value. For example         Link Exchange

Backlink Anchor text- If the keyword is not exact but still directing to a page that is being linked to.

Spam Anchor text- A link with an anchor text that has no relationship to the webpage. This type of link will misguide the user and land the user to an irrelevant page, provide zero value to the user.

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