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About Me

I began my professional career as a Software tester at Syntel. It was the year 2011 and technology enthusiasts were still pretty much in demand.

My work gave me plenty of opportunities to prove myself but the inherent thirst in me to apply some of my more creative skills made me consider making a foray into the Digital Marketing world. I always had a penchant for better utilization of keywords, search optimization, and content structure.

I do online surfing to learn tools like Google Webmaster,Google keyword planner and Uber Suggest.Apart from this I love to cook,pensketch and design arts and crafts. My passion for Digital marketing must have started at an earlier stage as I always had an affinity towards creativity and being innovative.

Sangeetha CS

Digital Marketing consultant

My hobbies and interests includes blog writing with latest trends in SEO,SEM, GoogleAdwords,Facebook Adwords,Email marketing,Youtube marketing

Online courses

Online courses from Beginners till the Advanced level is provided.


Workshops are conducted to make effective plans for every projects to deliver the product or service within the specific timeframe.


Consultation for SEO , SEM (Facebook Ad words, Twitter Adwords,Youtube Marketing) PPC , Remarketing , Digital Marketing Tools are provided.